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Our Objectives

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The objects of the Association are embodied in detail in the Memorandum of Association. Some of them are highlighted as follows:

  • To protect, promote and advance the common interest of Insurers in Nigeria.
  • To advise members on any action or proposed action by Government or any other Authority in connection with any legislation or policy.
  • To advise or consult with the Government regarding any act or thing done or being contemplated by it or its Agencies or other statutory bodies with regard to any matter relating to Insurance business.
  • To guide and assist members in complying with any statute, regulation, order and Government directive relating generally to the business of Insurance.
  • To create better understanding of Insurance by all sections of the community including the furtherance of knowledge and research on Insurance and related matters.
  • To collect, collate and disseminate statistical, economic and other information relating to Insurance.
  • To maintain constant dialogue with other trade Associations in the Insurance industry with a view to fostering good relationships between them, the NIA as well as the insuring public.
  • To confer, consult, maintain, contact and co-operate with any individuals, associations, societies, institutions or bodies within or outside Nigeria having objects similar to those of the Association.
  • To promote personal and friendly relationship among members of the Association; holding conferences and meetings for the discussion of technical and professional matters, relevant to Insurance.

The above objectives will be achieved by:

  1. Regular meetings of the specialized committees of the Association every month where issues affecting the industry are addressed
  2. Maintenance of a well equipped research and statistics department
  3. Organizing conferences, seminars and training courses for employees of member companies and the interested public 4.Maintaining highly skilled manpower conversant with modern information and communication technology
  4. Interacting positively with the media and other interest groups
  5. Interacting with supervisory Authority and the entire membership of the Association at specialized for a Publication of technical journals, statistical digest, news letters and business environment watch.


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