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The Association

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The NIA was formed in 1971 as an umbrella organization for all Insurance companies in Nigeria. It has, since then, offered its members a forum to speak to one another and for all of them to speak with one voice to the Government, its agencies and other parties, on matters affecting their business. To a large extent, the Association has contributed to Government policies on the supervision of Insurance business, and from time to time submits to the Government proposals considered to be in the best interest of the national economy and the Insurance industry.

The NIA organizes conferences, seminars and other events for the members and also publishes a wide range of books and journals on Statistics, the Economy, Law, Industrial Relations and Insurance.

The Governing Council is the Association’s apex decision-making organ and comprises Chief Executives of member companies elected annually at a General Meeting of all the members. The Governing Council is furnished regularly with information on issues relating to the practice of Insurance by specialized committees namely: Accident Offices Committee; Accounting Technical Committee; Information Technology Committee; Fire Offices Committee; Legal Committee; Life Offices Committee; Marine Offices Committee; Human Capital Management Committee as well as the Advisory Committees of the Council.

Mr O. S. Thomas – an acknowledged Insurance Professional – is the Director General of the Association.



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